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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Story of Ammar Raziq

Ammar Raziq. The name I have been keeping for my little angel. I've always like the name and it rhymes too,  don't u think?. I just love the name Ammar. Actually, I saw a drama played by Adi Putra and his name in the drama is Ammar. I dunno why but I put a note to myself that if ever i was pregnant and the baby is a boy, then he should be name Ammar. Ammar means long of age, builder. But just Ammar is too plain becoz my 3 other boys have two names. Then i searched for the second name.

One day i look into Hanis Haizi blog and her second son's name is something Raziq... then i thought, that's a nice name. I combined the two names; Ammar and Raziq ... AMMAR RAZIQ... nice kan? Raziq means provider. 

When i was pregnant with Ammar, the symptoms are totally different from the first 3. I had morning sickness, and my belly is not as big as the previous pregnancy. I thought it would be a girl. I was too happy but that time it's not confirm. 

On my 30th week pregnant, as i remember, i was scheduled for my first ultrasound. My checkup are usually done at UMMC. I went with my hubby since we want to know the gender of our baby. We waited patiently. When its our turn, i was so excited. The technician do the scanning and there's one moment she looked confuse. She told us that the size of the bones of the baby ( thighs and arms ) is only 27 week. I look at my husband and was curious. What is that supposed to mean? She told us that the baby is small. She told us that we need to an intense scanning with Dr. Suraya and was scheduled with another scan. 

I was like, is my baby gonna be small like dwarf ke? But i put that thought far2 away. Before the scheduled scanning with Dr Suraya, we went to See Dr Fatimah Najla of Kelana Jaya Medical Centre. My best friend, Izzan, suggested to see this particular Dr. because she's the best. When we meet her, i told her the whole story about the scanning. Immediately she did the scanning on me and she confirm that my baby is small, most probably with Achondroplasia.What is that? My thought is true that my baby has this dwarfism features. I cried and was so worried. Dr Fatimah told me everything is gonna be ok. She even gave examples of people with small features achieved as Professors, Educator and etc...

I was blank with the situation and was blaming myself. Maybe i have eaten something not nutritional that my baby growing this way. My husband comforts me and tell me that this is all Allah's will and maybe there is some kind of miracle with this little angel of ours. Slowly i accept the fact that whatever it is, this baby is already inside me and i will take care of him. So, from there on i just act normal but deep inside me there is still some ?????? Only Allah knows the best for us.

I went for the scheduled scanning with Dr Suraya. She said maybe the baby is small or maybe the bones 'patah' inside. What we have to do is just wait for the baby to come out. Then i was scheduled for another scanning with Professor Jamiyah. This time when i was about to do the scanning, my blood pressure went high. When Professor Jamiyah scanned, my water in my belly has reduced and since my BP is high she wants me admitted to induce for delivery.

So, on the 16th February 2011 i was admitted to the ward. Stay overnight for the induce the next morning. On the 17th February 2011, after breakfast the nurses ask me to get ready to go to the labour room. We waited in the ward to be transported until lunch time. Labour room FULL HOUSE... can u imagine that? I went into the labour after i had my lunch. In the labour room, i had to wait some more. The doctor only induced me around 2pm ++... so had to wait for another 6 hours for the drugs to work. The first few hours was ok... until after 8pm... i start feeling uncomfortable. I was jap to ease the pain but that only takes a while. Around 10pm++, i start feeling really-really pain... when the doctors check, they said it's only 6-7cm... long way to go... then around 11.10pm another patient was screaming calling the doctor, she's about to give birth. While listening to her screaming, me myself feel something is coming out of me... After the other bed successfully delivered her baby, i pulak screamed for the doctor. When the doctor came, she saw the head coming out. Then they ask me to push. With one or two push...there my little Angel, with his eyes open.. to greet all... exactly 11.16pm; 17th February 2011. I can see that he's normal. Even the doctors also commented the same. I didn't get to see him yet, and they did not gave him his first milk from me. They brought him straight to ward for observation.  

This is AMMAR RAZIQ... 

He likes to suck his thumb... cute kan?

Ok. That's for now. I'll update you with more of our stories ya... take care all....

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