"Tidak akan kayanya kita kalau terlalu kedekut untuk bersedekah, dan tidak akan miskinnya kita kalau kita selalu bersedekah"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Donald Trump's Top 10 List of Success

Salam All... wanna share this with you to keep it going... hope this really helps...

1. NEVER GIVE UP! Do not settle for remaining in you comfort zone. Remaining complacent is a good way to get nowhere.

2. BE PASSIONATE! If you love what you're doing, it will never seem like work.

3. BE FOCUSED! Ask yourself: What should I be thinking about right now? Shut out interference. In this age of multitasking, this is a valuable technique to acquire.

4. KEEP YOU MOMENTUM! Listen, apply and move forward. Do not procrastinate.

5. SEE YOURSELF AS VICTORIOUS! That will focus you in the right direction.

6. BE TENACIOUS! Being stubborn can work wonders.

7. BE LUCKY! The old saying, "The harder I work, the luckier I get" is absolutely right on.

8. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! If you don't, no one else will either. Think of yourself as a one-arm army.

9. ASK YOURSELF: What am I pretending not to see? There may be some great opportunities right around you, even if things aren't looking so great. Great adversity can turn into great victory.

10. LOOK AT THE SOLUTION, NOT THE PROBLEM. And never give up! Never, never, never give up. This thought deserves to be said (and remembered and applied) many times. It's that important.


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