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Friday, August 3, 2012

Important Tips To Deal With Dehydration During Ramadan

This is a very interesting article on dehydration. 

Ramadhan brings numerous fruits and foods for muslim. Mostly people face the problem of dehydration when half fast passes away. This arcticle will discuss important and simple tips to deal with dehydration during Ramadhan. Every Muslim should follow these tops at the time of ftar and Sahri (Sahur). The important and simple tips are as follow:
  1. The important to deal with dehydration during Ramadhan is that person should never skip Sahri (Sahur). Sahri us the most imprtant and significant time for those Muslim who wants to fast in Ramadhan. Some Muslims have strong misconception to skip Sahri and consume huge meal before sleeping. In order to deal with dehydration, it is advisable that every muslin shold develop a habit to get up for Sahri and eat proper and complete Sahri meal. In this way, every Muslin will get maximum quantity of vitamins that would be very helpful for controlling dehydration.
  2. The second tip for dealing with dehydration is that Muslims should prepare perfect meal for Sahri time. During Sahri time, every muslim should take at least two glasses of water.l It helps to regulate the blood in human body and also provides maximum quantity of oxygen in irder to beat the dehydration.
  3. Lastly, every Muslim should take healthy Iftar meals. As we know that in Ramadhan the trend of eating hot samosas with heavy sauce, eating tasty foods, fizziy drinks and delicious fruit chat. So it is important that every Muslim should eat healthy Iftar meals in order to combat dehydration. During Iftar time, Muslims should take soft drinks in small sips. It is advisable that Muslims should take hot leman tea or green tea during Iftar time. It reduces the thirst feeling and brings healthy and positive impact on human digestive system. 
Source: Style.PK

What is Dehydration?
Dehydration is a common occurrence during a fast. The body continues to loose water and salts through breathing, sweat and urine;  the quantity of water loss will vary depending on the weather, how much you had to drink before your fast, the degree of physical exertion and the ability of the kidney to retain water water and salts.

Depending on the severity of the dehydration, you may experience a general feeling of being unwell, lethargy, muscle cramps, dizziness, disorientation and even collapse or faint.

Prevention is better than cure. 

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