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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fever..fever... Go Away!!!

Salam All. It was a tiring day yesterday! Ammar came down with fever. All out of sudden. The nite before after iftar, me and hubby together with Ameer and Ammar went to Ikea to buy some stuff for the house. Adam and Hakimi didn't come along for they went for Tarawih with their friend; Amir. How good is that? May Allah bless us all... Ameer and Ammar was enjoying themselves at Ikea looking at the furnitures especially at the Kid's corner. 

Ammar really enjoy the horse ride. He's stick to it. When Zul pick him off the horse he scream doesn't want to let it go.... 

We bought a few stuff and went back. When reached home, Adam and Hakimi already asleep.

The next day, i did some rearranging and cleaning the boys room. Ammar is up since Subuh and did not sleep till noon. In between that time he had two bottles of milk and bread with kaya.

He had his nap around noon and before one he is already up. I thought he was hungry so i gave him some Nestum. He only ate a few then suddenly he vomited everything. After that he turn pale and very weak. Went to bring him to my parent's; we live the unit below my parents, remember? My father ask us to bring him to the hospital. Then we rushed to the nearest clinic; Ludher Clinic in section 14. While waiting for the doctor, he vomit again; this time only water and his phlegm i guess. My baju and tudung is full with Ammar's sticky vomit.

The doctor sees us and instruct us to bring him to the hospital because for a baby this age they cannot do anything. It's better if the hospital doctors monitor his condition because it's more equipped. After getting the letter from the Clinic Doctor and pay RM20 off we go to the UMMC. Before that we stop by at the house for me to change my clothes.

When we reached the hospital; the Paeds Emergency nurse on duty ask a few question and go thru the letter from the clinic. A doctor check on Ammar's breathing. Then asked whether he is diagnose with anything or not? I told them that Ammar is Achon, immediately the doctor said no wonder Ammar looks familiar. I told the Doctor, we were admitted last year and she's one of the doctors in the ward that's handling Ammar's file. After the registration; we did not pay anything because Ammar is registered as OKU (Disable People).

While waiting for the doctor, Ammar is weight 7.955kg. He has a fever of 38.5 deg. A handsome doctors is on Ammar's file. This Dr. S (i can't recall his full name) is so gentle and soft spoken. He examine Ammar; body temperature, ears and throat. Ammar's tonsil is a bit big. So he suggested us for Ammar's blood sample and X-Ray. Why X-Ray? He said sometimes X-Ray can help to tell the cause of the sickness.

Before we go for X-Ray, Ammar's blood was taken and set line for water. We were not in the room when the Doctor did it but we can hear Ammar's cry from outside the room. Since Ammar's had a fever they inserted him with 'Ubat Bontot' i dunno what they call in English ya...  Why insert the UB? Because Ammar doesn't want to eat, if give him paracetamol he might throw it out.... 

After all this then only we went for X-Ray...

After the X-Ray we went back to the Emergency to insert water and waits for the blood & X-Ray Results. While waiting, Zul bought some food for Ameer and Ammar. This time Ammar can already eat and drink. 

We waited for almost an hour and a half, then the Doctor S came back with the result. He said the X-Ray was fine except for the blood. The white blood count is slightly higher than normal. So, he gave Ammar Antibiotic and Paracetamol. Then off we went home... Hoooorayyyyy!!!

What a day.... After that we went home to pick up the two older boys because we promise Atuk and Nenek Kajang that we will be breaking fast with them. Alhamdulillah Ammar is ok and not admitted.

Last nite Ammar had fever and thanks Allah that we got up to give Ammar his meds... He's getting better at the time i'm posting this... 

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