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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ex-Boss and Baskin Robbins

Salam Ramadhan All.

It's already the 20th day of Ramadhan and Alhamdulillah i'm full of energy this time round compare to  previous year. Why? I consume supplements from Shaklee and it does wonders. I don't feel hungry or thirsty during the day because of the Mighty 3 Gem. Not only that, i don't have trouble getting up at 4.30am even if i sleep at 1am and that's because before i sleep i'll make sure i took my GLA Complex and Ostematrix. InsyaAllah i'll post an entry about it.

As usual i'll be in-charge of organising our office iftar. I consult a few of my colleagues and they want to go to Shah Alam Convention Center for their 'Kambing Kebuli'. So, booking has been made. It's gonna be held today. Went to SACC yesterday to pay deposit for 50pax. I couldn't go out during lunch time for i have to prepare documents for my boss for his meetings. I only go out around 2.30pm. 

When i was about to leave the parking, i saw my Ex-Boss. It's Mr GC Tan. I called his name and he turn and saw me and guess what he still remember my name. It's already 10 years plus; that was when i leave Noel. Very glad to see him and ask about his wife; Mrs Tan (my godmother at Noel) and their children. He is going to Transview Golf; next door to my office. He has loose weight and no longer the boss of Noel. His daughter; Anneke Tan is residing in Australia and his son; Tan Beng Soon is back to Malaysia maybe just graduated. He is still friendly like the old days.. old la sangat kan.. with his grinning face. 

Then off i go to SACC; made deposit payment for the buffet. I went to the SACC Mall nearby to checkout some raya outfits and bought t-shirts for Adam and Kimi and a cute shorts for Ammar. It's already 4.00pm and off i go to Damansara Heights via NKVE to deliver documents to a Client. 

By the time i reach home, it's already 5.15pm. I watched a drama that Maher Zain acted called InsyaAllah Ada Jalan until 6.30pm then went to PARAM (Pasar Ramadhan) to buy food. My husband only reached home at 7.10pm. Usually he reaches home early.

After iftar and Maghrib prayers, we went out to One Utama. Why? Because we want to have the free ice cream... Semangat 1 Malaysia because it's FREE! My sister reached there earlier and she said it is a very long que. She and her friends doesn't want to que. I went and see and to que but then the line is toooooo loooooonggggg.... from the Baskin Robbins counter until the Watsons... that is too long... My hubby cannot wait so we went home but my kids wants to eat ice cream. My hubby doesn't want to go anywhere, he ask me to bring them. After i dropped my hubby off at the house, i drove my sons and my mom to STRAWBERRY FIELD at Old Town. They want to have the Ice Cream Wafer. We had two. and a few drinks...  My kids are so happy... I am happy too...

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