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Monday, May 14, 2012

Earnings with Nuffnang

Happy Monday all. Hope you guys had a great weekend and a great Mother's day celebration.

Maybe you guys notice something new with our layout. I've add on the Nuffnang adds. No particular reasons. Just trying to help them to advertise and to beautify the blog; ye ke? I saw in one of the blogs, that ads by Nuffnang can also generate income. So why not i give it a try.

How did it really help? (Borrow from Nuffnang)

It has 2 types of paid ads: CPC (Cost Per Click) and mCPM (Metered Cost Per Impression).

CPC ads show on all blogs on the Nuffnang network which have "Show Global CPC Ads" selected under their Blog Preferences in the Blog Manager, and are not currently serving any mCPM ads. Payment is based on the number of unique clicks on the CPC ad. You earn by the number of unique clicks generated by your unique visitors on the ad unit that is running the CPC campaign.

mCPM (Metered Cost Per Impression) campaigns are when your blog is selected for a banner campaign. See below for how you can get selected for these campaigns. No clicks are required to earn from mCPM ads, however having high CTR (click through ratio) may grant you bonus earnings.

So peeps, help me to earn by helping me to click on the ads ya.. the more your click, the more i earn... wish me luck!

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