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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Game of Thrones

Well i'm hooked again to the telly when my hubby turn on our favourite drama; Game of Thrones. He downloaded the Episod 6 of Season 2. The story has become more exciting. More character introduced. I really like as you know Tyrion Lannister, and this time round King Joffrey. He looks so arrogant; the way he see, the way he walks, the way he speaks. It really irritates me when he only thinks of himself. But i really like the part when his uncle Tyrion slapped him.. well i guess since he becoming the king, he has been slapped by his Queen Mother and his uncle. I like Tyrion's line; "We've had idiot Kings and we've had vicious Kings!but never have we had a vicious, idiot boy King!" Good one Tyrion.

On the other hand, Sansa Stark almost get raped. This all happen when they are returning to the castle after they send off Princess Myrcella shipped to Dorne. Sansa was saved by Clegane (King Joffrey always call him dog). Eventho he looks heartless with the left side of his face mutilated by a fire, he is the hero.

Winterfell is under attacked. Attacked by Theon Greyjoy. The boy that Lord Eddard Stark raised as his own child. This guy is psycho. He actually don't know what he wants. He's attacking Winterfell because he wants to prove of his ability and impress his father. He wants the people of Winterfell to address him as Prince Theon. He's a traitor. But he has his weakness. One of the slave; Osha present herself to him and Theon being Theon he could not resist woman. Then this Osha escaped Winterfell and brought along Bran and his little brother i can't remember his name together with Hodor.

Another character i love to see in this episode is Arya Stark. She became the cupbearer to King's Joffrey grandfather; Tywin Lannister. Arya is indeed a strong person. She is trying to hide her identity that she is a Stark girl. So far, Tywin still doesn't know. Arya is a major character in this season.

This time round the episode is so tense.  Can't wait for the next episode. The show is shown in HBO, but Malaysia tv is still way behind.

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