"Tidak akan kayanya kita kalau terlalu kedekut untuk bersedekah, dan tidak akan miskinnya kita kalau kita selalu bersedekah"

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Got this from a friend. Thanks Suhaiza for alerting us on this. Well, if we were to go on our own, that will take forever kan somemore need to pay ourself. Whereas this is FREE! Yes peeps, you read it right. It's free. Scroll down to see the test they will be doing. ok la kan? 

All participants are needed to answer all questionnaires and give a small amount of blood and urine specimen. Any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact them. 

  • Blood pressure test. Ujian tekanan darah
  • Heart function test.Ujian fungsi jantung (EKG)
  • Lung function test (Spirometry). Ujian fungsi paru-paru (Spirometri)
  • Blood and urine test. Ujian Darah dan air kencing
  • Body composition analysis. Analisis komposisi badan
  • Body mass index (BMI) measurement and waist hip ratio. Indeks jisim tubuh dan Ukur lilit pinggang pinggul
  • Questionnaire. Soal selidik
So, if you don't believe me you can call the no below. If you guys are intested; you can call me and i'll add your name into the list i'm preparing at the moment. I'll be needing your full name, i/c no., contact no and address. Else, you can do it yourself. Easy right? Act fast people!!

Tel: (603)-9171 0415
Fax: (603)-9171 0397
Free Toll: 1800 88 2007
Email: sekretariat@mycohort.gov.my
SMS: COHORT Name IC_No & send to 37799


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