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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shaklee Vita-C : KKM Approved

Salam Beautiful People.

This entry is a gentle reminder to you beautiful people out there that there are people selling organic Vitamin C. They claimed that their Vitamin C are approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM). They don't have a proper packaging and did not state the approval number clearly in their 'packaging'. Plus they are selling it quite pricy eg. RM45 for 30 tablets and RM238 for 180 tablets. 

As users, we should know all products in the market; be it direct selling or drugstore. Not only the product should be Halal plus the ingredients used in the making. As a smart Shaklee users, you beautiful people don't have to worry because all Shaklee products are approved by KKM and Halal. 

Approval no by KKM for Shaklee Sustained Release Vitamin C is MAL07010987XC. (You can check the blogs selling the so called Organic Vitamin C, they have the same number. I don't want to list it here)

Credit: Genkimomma
To be more accurate on this matter, i myself have check thru the approval no at the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau to check the approval number is a original or not. (Note: The date of the search is today; 13th September 2012)

Source: http://portal.bpfk.gov.my/product_search.cfm

So, beautiful people, please make sure that you buy the original products that has been certified by the authorities.

Get your Shaklee Sustained Release Vita-C 500mg with an affordable price and satisfaction guaranteed.

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