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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Weekend : Part 2 - Ammar's new friend; Aniq Razin

Hi. This is Part 2 of our weekend. Want to make this a special entry for our new friend.

Ammar's new friend. His name is Aniq Razin. He is 3 years old. He is also born Achondroplasia. How do we contact Aniq? Actually, I was blogwalking and reading comments on other Achon blogs and saw Aniq's mom; Dina commenting in one of the entry. Click on her name and pop up their blog. Then I add her at Facebook.

That was last year. Then this year, Aniq's mom PM me at my facebook want to beraya to our house. Unfortunately, we were not around. Then we decided to go to their house instead. So, last Saturday was the day. We headed to Flora Damansara from Cheras, by that time the traffic is ok and once we reached Flora Damansara, Alhamdulillah, we manage to get a parking spot. 

Once we reach the lift area, a door open and Ameer rushed into the lift and the door immediately closed. I was panicking. I ask Zul to climb the stairs but stupid of me? Want to climb til what floor. The lift stops at 3rd floor then it goes to 6th floor. Then it come down to ground floor. When the door open,  Ameer come out grinning. We scolded him and remind him not to do that again. My legs was shaking and my heartbeat was so fast until i can't think. That was horror ok...

The we all reached Aniq's place and at first Aniq is so shy. Then we, the parents talk about our experience and etc about our boys. We were served Satay. We had fun and happy at last got to meet Aniq.

Thank you Dina & Faizal for having us to your home.

Thank you Aniq Razin.

Till we meet again, InsyaAllah.

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