"Tidak akan kayanya kita kalau terlalu kedekut untuk bersedekah, dan tidak akan miskinnya kita kalau kita selalu bersedekah"

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Weekend : Part 1 - Open House + Accident

Salam.. Last weekend was full of eating activity. From open house to the police station, meeting new friend, wedding and open house again. 

Police station? What happened? It happen on Saturday around 3pm, on our way to Cheras; Zul's sister open house. It happened along Jalan Universiti, at the traffic light before the Universiti Malaya entrance. That's just a few minutes drive from our house. While waiting for the lights to turn green, that time the traffic is quite heavy, suddenly, our car was hit from behind. It involved 4 cars. Our car was hit by another Saga, in front of us is Honda Accord (old one) and the main car that hit the second car is Avanza drove by a Pakcik from Rawang. His car was in bad condition. Luckily our car was the 3rd car, not that bad except for my bonet and signal. Everyone in the car was ok. So, we rush to the nearest police station that is in Section 8, near PJ Hilton to make our report. Once we reach the car park, this guy named Rizal help us on our report and with the insurance and all.

We were at the police station for almost 2 hours. Everyone was so hungry plus Arham is having fever. We only reach Cheras at 6pm. The traffic everywhere is jam that day. We lepak at Zuraidah's house until Maghrib, then off we go to meet our new friend.... 

Sorry, no pics taken at the time of the accident. Too shock laaa..

Now, i patah kaki because my car is in the workshop. Sent it yesterday. Hopefully, it will be ready on Friday..

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