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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Game of Thrones Season 2 Finale

After a week passed, today i managed to watch the final episode of GOT for season 2. Good ten episodes.

It started off with the bedridden Tyrion Lannister. He look so awful. Pity him. His face was slashed during the attack and he was saved by his loyal assistant. Tyrion looks so helpless On the previous episode, the King's Landing is saved by Tywin Lannister's troupe. He was joint with the house of Tyrell. So, King Joffrey proclainmed the new Hand for the King to his grandfather for saving the castle. In other word, Stannis Baratheon suffered a stunning defeat to Tywin. Joffrey also extend his gratitude to Lord Peter Baelish@Littlefinger for his help and granted the Castle of Harrenhal. The house of Tyrell was also thanked and Joffrey asked what they want in return for the help. Loras Tyrell wants the King to wed his widowed sister; Margaery Tyrell. At first Joffrey was hesitate for he has made a promise to marry Sansa Stark. Being a vey good manipulator, his queen mother told him that it is not necessary to wed a beheaded daughter and a sister to a traitor. Her statement was backed by Master Pycell. Joffrey agrees to the marriage after he asked Lady Tyrell for she will love him endlessly. Sansa's face was stunned but on the way out of the conference she wants to laugh  all her heart out for the relieve. She had that moment for a minute when Littlefinger call her name and express his condolences on the cancellation of the marriage. He also offer Sansa to help her to return to Winterfell. He wants to help Sansa for the sake of Lady Catherine Stark because she is like a sister to him; yeah right. We'll see how that goes. On the other hand, Lord Varys is up to something when he went to Littlefinger's entertainment house... can't figure that one just yet..

Brienne and Jaime Lannister arrived at a shore an saw 3 hanging dead bodies. Whilst Brienne is about to bring the bodies down, came 3 soldier and query them. They wanted to leave but one of the soldier recognized Jamie Lannister. So, Brienne slashed and kill them. 

Robb Stark was reminded by his mother that he is to marry someone from one of the house that he promised. He refused. His mother reminded him that a good king will not break his promise or his people will do the same. Robb still refuse for he love Talisa so much.

Stannis Baratheon was so stressed with his defeat and he blamed the lady in red; can't remember her name for his trust in the God of Lights. He wants to know where is the God and the red lady said that the god is in him. She asked him to look into the fire.... dunno what he sees.

Remember the new King of Winterfell? King Theon Greyjoy. Robb STark send 500 of his men to kill Theon Greyjoy for his disloyalty. Theon dunno what to do and he mumbles about his growing up years in Winterfell. The Maester Luwin asked him to run away. How can he run when there are 500 peopler outside the gate. Even Theon said that he barely leaves Winterfell a few steps and he will get killed. And he can't go back to his father's castle as well. So Maester Luwin suggested him to leave and head for the Black Wall and become a Nights Watch. Theon look at hime with question mark. The Maester Luwin explains. But Theon being himself he did not listen. The next day, Theon was so energetic to get his mens to fight and die for the sake of their bravery. At the end of his long speech, his good men knock his head and he fainted. Came the Maester and question them, because they cover Theon's head but the old man was killed. winterfell was burnt down and the people killed. Do you still remember Bran and his brother with Osha & Hound that hide under Winterfell? They finally came out from the hiding and seeing the castle was destroyed. The Maester managed to go to the White Tree @ The God; he's bleeding and the boys saw him. He advised them to run away and bring along lots of food and clothing. When the boys are leaving, the Maester made Osha finish him for he can't live anymore.

JOn Snow. Well he is still with the gang that captured him; the Wildlings. He gets into a fight to prove something; i guess.

Khaleesi. Remember her? for the past episodes her part was so bored but this time round it make me enjoy to see her. She wants to have her dragons back and went to the castle something. It's a tower with no door but Khaleesi managed to go in. She heard her dragons calling. She went to one of the door and she was led to a big hall with lots of snow. Then to another place where there's a tent; like her tent while she was with Drogo. Inside she saw Khal Drogo was holding a baby; it seems that it is theirs. But Khaleesi is not stupid, she knows that this is manipulating her mind. So she went back to the hall with many doors and saw her dragons. She is the Mother they knew right? So, the two skinny fella was tryng to manipulate her but she had her dragons to safe her. She said something and the dragons started to breath out fire... so the skinny man dies... She went to the King of Qarth and wants to take all the treasure in the safe that the king has the key to it. When they open the safe, it's empty. Khaleesi learned her lesson, not to listen to strangers. All this while, all the treausure thing was a lie. She then get her guards to put the king and his mistress into the safe. They took all the gold and they are out of that place. Ooohoooo Mummy Dragons...

Then again, they show my little man. This time he was visited by Lord Varys; the bald guy. He told Tyrion that Tyrion's service is no longer needed for all his men has been dismissed. Even the Queen wants him dead. Lord Varys assure Tyrion that he should be lucky to be saved by his loyal lad. Then seeing that Tyrion is a bit down, he get Tyrion's lover; Shae to come in to see him. At first Tyrion was a bit hesitate because he thought all she wants is his money. And seeing him that way; with his marks on the face plus his a dwarf, he thinks she will leave him. But Shae assures him that its him that she wants. She wants to see Tyrion's scar and she open his bandage. He refuse but she insisted. She asked him to go out from King's Landing for all the people will try to kill him again. She wants him to follow her to Pentos. Tyrion rejects the offer because even these people doesn't like him, he wants to be there with them. So he asked Shae to go instead. As stubborn as Tyrion, she refuse to go as well. This part I can't hold back my tears. Looking at Tyrion's face make me sad becuse he knows that there are people who still cares for him especially Shae.. When they hugged....oooohhhhh....i cried anyway.

Robb secretly married Talisa in the woods. No one was with them except the Priest. This Lady Stark didn't know. Dunno what she'll say.

AT the end part of this episode; 3 of the Night's watch that was looking for JON SNOW is lost i guessed. And there came a big snow . It covers the area. Two of them managed to run far but the fat one can't run as fast as them. Suddenly it gets really dark and saw some shadows. The fat guy quickly run behind the rocks. Then came out the massing of Zombie army. These are the ones their scared and talk about. The fat guy lives i guess because the zombie on the zombie horse just passed thru without killing him..

There goes season 2... even i did not summarize every episode but at least i did a few i might say. I Hope you enjoy my writing. Can't wait for the 3rd season.. To all Game of Thrones fans, till we meet again.... next year i assume... take care all.

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